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We have the opportunity to build a better future now.

The theme chosen for the year is social-emotional skills. We will address the emotional aspects, our goal being to help young people deal with adversity and environmental responsibility. 

Seeking to contribute, along with schools, in the elaboration of transversal themes related to the development of citizenship, CCAA created this material.

It is a complete class composed of audiovisual content and group activities for you to use in the classroom with your class. 


This material was developed to provide enjoyable learning by making the subjects more interesting to the students and the work of the teaching team more effective, while creating learning that is in line with the perspective of each individual student.

Now let’s get to work, OK?

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Social-emotional skills

Emotions can sometimes put us in uncomfortable situations. To understand what is happening inside us, we need to get to know each other better and look carefully at the people around us in our daily lives.

Developing social-emotional skills means:

  • Perceiving what you are feeling in difficult situations, understanding that you can’t give what you don’t have.
  • Thinking before reacting.
  • Understanding that no one needs to demean others in order to feel better about himself or herself.
  • Always being true to yourself, no matter what.
  • Being able to forgive.

Social-emotional skills to deal with the enviroment 

Social-emotional learning teaches us to reflect on environmental issues and to make responsible decisions considering the impacts of our choices on society, the environment, and the community.

We can list ten attitudes that can save the planet: 

  1. Saving water.
  2. Saving energy. 
  3. Disposing of waste properly. 
  4. Reducing plastic consumption. 
  5. Preserving vegetation. 
  6. Adopting carpooling. 
  7. Avoiding consumerism. 
  8. Opting for organic foods. 
  9. Using eco-friendly products. 
  10. Informing others of these points.